Have you had an automated call recently claiming to be from your 'internet provider', telling you that unless you call them back or 'press 1' on your phone, your internet will be cut off 'within 24 or 48 hours'?

Well, don't believe them. They're scammers - and if you do respond, you could be tricked out of large sums of money.

Ofcom regularly receives reports about such scams. And the fraudsters are known to be targeting telephone numbers in the York area.

A typical scam call will involve an automated message claiming to be from your 'internet provider'.

It will then continue something like this: "We will be discontinuing your internet connection within 24 to 48 hours due to illegal activity. Please speak to our experts. Press 1 to get connected now."

If you do press 1, however, you'll end up being connected to a premium rate line, Ofcom says - which will siphon off your money to the scammers.

Ofcom says there are two types of similar scam doing the rounds.

The first type is automated, and can also be left as a voicemail message. The recipient is told there is a problem with their phone or broadband service, and is encouraged to call back or press 1 so they can discuss the issue further.

The second type of scam involves a call from an agent in a call centre. "They tell recipients there is an outstanding bill or payment related to their phone or broadband service, and that their service will be disconnected unless the payment is made," a spokesperson for Ofcom said.

"The recipient is then encouraged to hand over their bank details in order to resolve the issue. This call appears to be an attempt by scammers to illegally obtain people’s bank details."

If you receive such a call you should NOT hand over any personal details or press a button to continue the call, Ofcom says.

"Instead, hang up and report the calls, including the number from which they’re calling, to Action Fraud."

You can do this online at actionfraud.police.uk or by calling 0300 123 2040.