A YORK-based marketing agency has its sights set on expansion after smashing its targets.

The Growth Guys, founded in November 2019, has generated turnover of more than £200k during its first year, and an average 500 per cent return on investment for clients.

Co-founders Paul Fernandez and Karl Sandor now want to boost the team after successfully working with upstarts and SMEs and delivering on projects for brands including Northern Bloc, Rebecca Rhoades Fashion, True Colours Tattoo and the Sweet Potato Spirit Company.

Paul said: “We’ve had a really impressive first year, despite all of the challenges brought about by Covid-19."

Karl said: “Obviously lockdown came into force early on in our journey, and so helping our clients through the impact of the pandemic was a real part of our motivation to put our money where our mouth was and deliver based on results. That resonates with the brands we work with.

“At a time when businesses are looking to evolve to not only survive, but to truly thrive, we like to think of ourselves as a strategic partner. The months ahead will be a really exciting part of our journey, and we’re looking forward to seeing what is in store.”