The York Animal Home recently helped an inspector rescue and relocate a large number of Degus - small, sociable rodents slightly larger than a hamster.

The centre was fortunate enough to be able to help take in 30 of them. They were all in pretty bad condition on arrival but are now looking and feeling much better. But they do all need a good home. Our degus include:

  • Amber, Ruby and Sphene. These three adult female degus are quite confident while undisturbed in their cage, but become quite nervous when you try to handle them. So patient adopters will be needed!
  • Molly, Kathryn and Ellie. This group of degus (two adults with one younger female) are very nervous around people and new situations. Once settled they like to mooch about their cage and investigate new enrichment. Patient adopters will be needed.
  • Fido, Rex & Rover. These are sweet boys (two adult males and one younger male) who quite enjoy having people around. Fido is the most confident and the other two sit and watch while he gets a fuss. With the correct socialisation we are pretty confident Rex and Rover will come out of their shells.
  • Alpha, Tango, Victor, Yankee & Zulu. Some of these five adult males are more confident than other,s but this is what makes them a really great group of boys together. It would be fantastic if they could stay together, otherwise they will be homed as a pair and a three.
  • Marvin, Alvin, Darwin, Edwin & Griffin. These boys, all older adult males, are the wise bunch of all the degus at York Animal Home. They are inquisitive, and with patient adopters the boys will love interaction and flourish.

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