SOMETIMES, appearances can be deceptive.

Katie Whitwell's pet puss Jazz may look a bit bad-tempered - fierce even. But she's no sourpuss, says Katie, from Acomb. In fact, she's very affectionate. "She always sounds angry - and looks like it too!" admits the 26-year-old assistant radiographer. "But she's very loving. She lies on you and snuggles up to you when you're watching TV. And quite often she sleeps on our bed with us!"

Katie and her husband John have had 11-year-old Jazz for four years. She was a 'rescue' cat: Jazz's previous owners, who lived in a different area of York, had to give her up because of problems with a neighbour, who used to lure her away with chicken then lock her up for days at a time.

Given her history, Jazz can probably be forgiven for looking (and sounding) cross occasionally. She's 'quite gobby', Katie admits - and isn't shy of letting her owners know when it is time for her to be fed.

"Her world revolves around food!" Katie says. "She starts shouting on a morning and tea time for food - often hours before it’s time for her to be fed!

It may be a bit early to mention Christmas just yet. But with out second pet this week, we have little choice.

Leo (it's short for Leonardo Da Vinci, insists owner Lorraine Frankland, from Elvington) is a Jack Russel/ Chihuahua cross known as a 'Jackhuahua'. he's a friendly dog, who loves everyone - and also loves hiding under his duvet.

But what he loves most of all is... unwrapping presents.

"Christmas presents and birthday presents have to be hidden from Leo until the big day, otherwise he unwraps them if he finds them!" says Lorraine.

As long as presents can be hidden from him until the big day, however, it just adds to the fun, Lorraine says. "Watching his enjoyment at the unwrapping is part of any family celebration!"

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