YES - it is exasperating that they keep moving the number 10 bus stop (The Press, October 8), but I think the reason is that university bus 67 is now running and there is no further room at Merchantgate, in which case, why did they switch stops in the first place?!

I have written to First York but no reply on that.

Nor, when we were told Park and Ride route 8 would have two extra stops en route to York City Centre why this has not happened.

Perhaps First York would care to respond via The Press letters page while also giving a reason why no printed timetables for Bus 67 are displayed on bus stops but, oh, yes, I seem to remember they were attached to the bus stops on the wrong side of the road, removed but not replaced!

The usual answer is “it's all online” but that is not a good enough answer!

Joan Hughes,

Nicholas Gardens,