IT is with both shock and dismay that I believe the council has decided to revoke a tree-preservation order on some trees at the bottom of Ferry Lane, Bishopthorpe (incorporating the trees at the bottom of the Archbishop's garden, no less.)

Some of these trees have been here for hundreds of years, if not more, including for my parents and my own lifetimes.

I do not see why the trees cannot be there for more lifetimes.

I believe that the council is putting this to discussion right now (something to do with the flooding protection?).

In a time when forests have been, and indeed are still, burning on such an alarming scale (ie: in Australia, The Amazon, the USA, etc) surely we need to keep all the healthy trees we can get?

Isn't there enough destruction of trees - leading ultimately to even more short/long-term climate change effects.

Shame on the Council for even thinking of this. I hope reason will shine through..

It makes you wonder about the Council's so-called GREEN credentials.

It should be a time of mass tree planting and NOT destruction.

Every tree matters.

A Hulme



(formerly of Bishopthorpe)