YOU might never see a photo like this in your lifetime - the rare hoopoe bird, photographed in Yorkshire, possibly for first time in 40 years.

Our Camera Club members were out in force to capture this historic moment: sightings of the exotic hoopoe bird in Yorkshire.

With its pinkish-brown body, distinctive black and white wings, long, black, downcurved bill and a long pinky-brown crest which it raises when it gets excited, the hoopoe is a sight to behold.

According to the RSPB, it doesn't breed in the UK, and only about 100 might turn up in the UK each year - normally on the South Coast in spring when they are migrating north from Africa to Europe and offshoot and end up in England. They tend to be solitary birds.

They have been spotted in Scotland, but that is rare - and it is thought the recent sightings in the York area are the first in 40 years.

York Press:

People gather to spot the hoopoe at Collingham, near Wetherby

When word got out that a hoopoe had been seen in our neck of the woods, our Camera Club members were not long is capturing some fantastic shots of this stunning bird.

The photos we share today capture the hoopoe in all its glory: fanning its magnificent crest and wings, preparing to take flight, and eating grubs - its favourite snack.

Many club members commented on how thrilled they were to experience this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

The hoopoe is believed to have spent a few days at Nether Poppleton, York, before it was spotted on Millbeck Green in Collingham, near Wetherby.

Here is what some of our Camera Club members said:

Lynnette Cammidge: "Yes , this afternoon I've been to see the hoopoe as well! I was really surprised by the amount of grubs it kept finding deep down in the grass."

York Press:

Lynnette Cammidge captures the hoopoe having a snack!

"It wandered around oblivious that people were there and they had gone especially to see it. I heard one photographer say he'd come from Sheffield especially to see it."

Lynne Kinder: "Brilliant! The amount of times one bird has peen photographed is amazing. I think it must be Katie Price in disguise!"

Jon Noble posted this message on October 5: "It was seen at Poppleton ten days ago. Then it turns up at Collingham round some residential streets. The locals have been fantastic to all the photographs and birders turning up all hours to get a sighting. Normally in the UK they are only seen on the south coast. So they say this one is the first in 40 years in Yorkshire - how true that is I am not sure. They normally migrating from Africa to Northern Europe and some time overshoot.

York Press:

One of Jon Noble's photos of the hoopoe

"They are a solitary bird. On the Collingham Cricket Club there is plenty of food. Grubs and worms building it self up before it heads south."

Other members who posted photos of the hoopoe were: Brian Hughes, Darren Howson, Sarah King, Paul Greenwood, Mark Coates and Darren Hemsley.

A big thank you for sharing these amazing photos.

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