YOUR anonymous correspondent (Letters, October 6), eloquently describing the nightmare appointments system of an unidentified “bureaucracy” with nine surgeries in York, is clearly like me a patient of Priory Medical Group (PMG).

I differ slightly from Anon in believing that PMG’s clinical and reception staff are still brilliant.

It is the administrative systems that let them down.

Good medicine requires a continuing patient relationship with one local doctor, but PMG has eliminated this.

Appointments may be at any surgery, and in recent years I have seldom if ever been seen (or phoned) by the same doctor twice.

When my admired GP of many years retired, PMG assigned me another one, but it was someone I had never heard of and have yet to meet.

Readers may think I should first complain to PMG: it hasn’t worked for me. A senior administrator, to whom I was once invited to write, ignored all letters - including one, sent by guaranteed delivery, asking why my letters weren’t answered.

I’m still wondering why.

John Heawood,

Eastward Avenue,