IMAGINE an old aged and confused pensioner suddenly getting a letter through her door demanding money for her (once free) BBC TV licence.

Her reaction: hiding it in her clothes drawer! This was too much for her to cope with.

Of course if this lady was on benefits she could re-apply for a free one that she had been entitled to her for decades.

She had done her bit during the war years; who is there for her now? And facing prison if she in her confused state fails to pay.

Means testing rules apply of course and 'mean' is the operative word now for one who has paid taxes for all her working years.

Tax by stealth during a Covid pandemic is sheer cowardice by this Government.

I highlight many old age pensioners who have suffered enough during the war years and now facing Covid - this is the last straw for them.

Any decent government would overturn this callous unfeeling law. Do we have one?

Phil Shepherdson

Chantry Close,