SIXTEEN coronavirus cases have been confirmed at the University of York.

Vice-chancellor Charlie Jeffery said all 16 were self-isolating, along with their households and the university currently had no evidence to suggest any of them were linked to transmission on campus.

"We are seeing more students self-isolating too, either because they have symptoms and are now seeking a test, or because someone in their household is positive or symptomatic," he said.

"Ensuring rapid access to tests and supporting those who are self-isolating remains a key priority for us, to help track and trace the spread of the virus.

"Our track and trace team has moved quickly into action around the positive cases, instigating early contact-tracing support and liaising closely with the city council’s public health team, and we've been in contact directly with individuals who need to take action.

"For each positive case, the university will be taking a number of actions. These include using information on timetabling, accommodation data, and attendance data at venues to identify potential contacts and support contact-tracing in the city.

"We will continue to liaise with public health colleagues on who needs to self-isolate in each case, and to implement any further interventions they recommend, for example additional deep cleaning. And we will ensure we give good and prompt support to all students who need to self-isolate."