AT these York pubs, things go bump in the night and vodka isn’t the only spirit inside them.

With Halloween just around the corner, would you be brave enough to visit these pubs and look for ghosts?

Here are five of the most haunted pubs in York- and the chilling ghost stories that have come out of them.  

The Black Swan Inn, Peaseholme Green

York Press: The Black Swan Inn (Photo: Google Maps)The Black Swan Inn (Photo: Google Maps)

This pub and Inn dates back to the 15th century when it was first used as a merchant’s mansion.

It is said to be haunted by a ghost with a bowler hat who appears to be waiting for somebody at the bar.

A jilted bride is also said to haunt the bar and legend has it that if a man stares into her face he will die in ecstasy.

Others say the ghost of a cat haunts the pub and sometimes sits on the end of a guests’ bed.

Maggie Anderton, landlady of The Black Swan Inn, spoke to the York Press and shared some of her ghost stories.

York Press: Maggie has some ghost stories about the pub (Photo: Maggie Anderton)Maggie has some ghost stories about the pub (Photo: Maggie Anderton)

“One of the ghosts we see a lot is a little boy we call Jack,” she said.

“You see him mainly in the kitchen with boots and a long coat on- then he disappears.”

Maggie said several guests have warned her that a little boy has run upstairs.

She said: “Before I even go and check, I just know it’s Jack they’ve seen”.

Maggie recalls one scary experience she had after waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of “deliberate knocking” on doors inside the Inn.

The experience chilled her so much that she remained awake for the rest of the night.

The Golden Fleece, Pavement

York Press: The Golden Fleece The Golden Fleece

(Photo: Geograph/ Jo Turner)

The Golden Fleece is regarded by many as the most haunted pubs in York.

Legend has it that Lady Alice Peckitt, wife of one of York's Lord Mayors, haunts the pub.

People have reported seeing Alice wall the corridors of the hotel.

Another ghost said to walk the hall includes One Eyed Jack, who is often seen wearing a 16-17th century red coat and carrying a pistol.

One bar manager said the ghost stories were just to lure the tourists in- that was until she started having paranormal experiences herself.

 She reported hearing keys jingling and saw an apparition moving across the bar.

In the 1950s, a plumber was installing central heating in the cellars when he claimed to hear the sound of a distant horn.

The Snickleway Inn, Goodramgate

York Press: The Snickleway InnThe Snickleway Inn

(Photo: Geograph/ Robin Sones)  

This pub dates right back to the 15th century and five spirits are said to haunt this building, including the ghost of Mrs Tulliver and her cat, Seamus.

Customers report feeling a cat rub up against their legs and people have reported seeing the apparition of an old man sitting on barrels in the cellar.

This same apparition is said to be the cheeky ghoul who throws tools at members of staff when they go down there.

Hole In The Wall, Petergate
York Press: Hole In The Wall (Photo: Google Maps)Hole In The Wall (Photo: Google Maps)

A hidden dungeon was discovered in this pub and people claimed to hear eerie noises coming from it.

A history of the building, on display at the pub, says: “In 1816 excavations of The Board Inn revealed a dark secret. A hole was found which led to a dungeon, where chains and manacles hung.

“A tunnel, also found, was bricked up by a superstitious builder because of accounts of eerie footsteps that echoed from the darkness.

“These footsteps, it is claimed, can still be heard today.

“In 1501 a knocker was placed on the door of Bootham Bar so that the Scottish persons who were wishful to enter should knock first and ask permission from the Lord Mayor, an order which is still believed to be in force today.”

The Windmill Inn, Blossom Street

York Press: The Windmill (Photo:Google Maps)The Windmill (Photo:Google Maps)

An ostler is said to haunt this pub and a man’s along with a little girl who is said to have been run over and killed by a horse cart in the 19th century.

Boots have been seen walking up the staircase- but eerily, the footsteps sound like they are walking on wooden flooring and not the carpets there today.

It was once reported that an ice cold mist spread along the upper corridor- it was 6ft high and 3ft wide.

Recently, the chef at The Windmill Inn claims to have seen the black figure of a girl several times.

Have you experienced any thing paranormal in York? If so, share your experience in the comments or email