In our latest Meet the Boss series, we catch up with Johanne Spittle, head of dispute resolution at Ware & Kay Solicitors in York.

What job would you like to have other than your own?

I am fascinated by the property-related disputes I deal with, particularly having to piece together what happened to land hundreds of years ago; it is a bit like having to solve a historical whodunit and so maybe in another life I would be a historical detective or a crime writer.

Greatest achievement?

Being a partner in a law firm with three children and retaining a sense of humour was definitely an achievement. But most recently it was sitting and passing an exam in agricultural law to become a Fellow of the Agricultural Law Association.

What makes you angry?

Injustice. Everybody deserves equal access to justice and to be able to live in a fair and equal society without fear of persecution or discrimination.

Biggest mistake?

I was once asked if I was interested in being an endorsed candidate for a European seat. I regret not having taken the opportunity to become an MEP as I think it would have been an amazing experience and one which is now unlikely to come my way again.

What would make life complete?

I think my life is about as complete as it can be. However, I would be extremely happy to see my two eldest children home from the other side of the world in the foreseeable future.

Why do you make a difference?

I have always been passionate about trying to help people whether that is as a lawyer or in one of the other roles that I have undertaken over the years. I always endeavour to give my clients commercial and practical advice and to give the very best service possible.


"I knew if I waited around long enough something like this would happen" (George Bernard Shaw).