SHOCKING video has emerged of York city centre packed with singing, chanting revellers last night after the pubs closed at 10pm in line with new coronavirus rules.

Footage shared by thousands of people on Facebook showed crowds milling around in Church Street, singing, booing and chanting as a police van arrived on the scene.

A large crowd can be heard singing a song by band The Killers.

Towards the end of the video police sirens can be heard approaching the large crowd.

Joshua Murphy, who posted the footage, said: "All the venues shutting at 10pm, they think this is the solution."

The video has been seen by more than a quarter of a million people and prompted an enormous response, with more than 2,800 comments posted by 10am today.

One posted: "Staggering, I’ve no words Where were the police ? One van with two in it."

Another posted: "Well it's lovely to see all these young people having such a wonderful time....let's just hope they don't take this virus home to their loved who may get seriously ill or worse. Selfish idiots."

Another posted: "Absolutely hideous behaviour. Shame on them. If people want to play Russian roulette with their own lives that’s up to them but to risk their friends and families lives they want locking up."

Another comment was: "How sad, our country behaving like this.. why can't we just respect the decision and work with people."

And another posted: "I am so ashamed to call this my home town. See you all in lockdown because the young kids think this is a joke."

However, others blamed the Government. One posted: "The Government knew this would happen. Now they have the “justification” for further lockdown because “we the public” ****ed it up."

And another said: "Good luck to them , let people live a life and enjoy themselves!!"