A YORK sixth form will reopen on Monday - with a raft of strict safety measures in place - after it was shut down when a student contracted coronavirus.

Students at Fulford School are being told that communication with Sixth Form staff, including teachers, must happen at a distance - and in some cases, appointments may need to be made or conversations may need to take place remotely, said Kasia Davies, Director of Sixth Form.

She said students were being advised to download the NHS Covid19 app if possible. "Students will be allowed to check their phone during no-contact time only," she said. "Any students who receive an alert on their phone should look to leave the site at the closest opportune time, ensuing they have spoken to someone on the Sixth Form team before signing out."

She said hands should be washed or sanitised when entering any room."In the classrooms, students will remain 2 metres away from the teacher and will be placed in seating plans to enable track and trace," she said.

"Students will not be able to move from these plans unless agreed with the teacher. Where possible, doors and windows are kept open to allow for ventilation.

"Masks must be worn inside all areas, including shared study rooms such as N7 and the common room as well as buses. Masks do not need to be worn when in lessons or when eating at break and lunchtime, although they should be worn when queuing for food.

The toilets available to sixth formers in the N-block are separated into Year 12 and 13 cubicles. Students must ensure they only use their allocated toilet. These are cleaned regularly.

"The Common Room has been redesigned to increase social distancing especially between the two-year groups. Students must stay within their Year group space. Lunchtime is staggered for both Year 12 and 13. The use of the field is only allowed during lunchtime."

She said that no student should come into school under any circumstances if they displayed any symptoms of Covid-19 or were at home with anyone who was showing any symptoms, including a new continuous cough, a high temperature and a loss or change of taste or smell.

She thanked students for their patience over the past week while they worked remotely from home. "Although unquestionably unwanted, this period of time, in line with the guidance received by Public Health England, has allowed us to monitor the situation, ensure any new transmitted cases were kept away from the sixth form and disinfect the space in advance of the students’ return. We are ready to receive all Year 12 and 13 back next week, from Monday 28th September."