A YORK man was "disgusted" when he spotted a picture on a sign which he says promotes "extreme violence towards cyclists."

The picture appears to show a cyclist being knocked off his bike by a person with a baseball bat.

Andrew Lambeth said the sign was situated on Hagg Bridge, on the B1228 road between Sutton upon Derwent and Melbourne, near York. The bridge is currently undergoing a £900,000 makeover.

York Press: Hagg BridgeHagg Bridge

The name and number of the firm Direct Traffic was next to the picture. The company has responded by saying it removed the "obscenity" after it was made aware of it, adding that it believes the sign was vandalised.

Andrew commented: "I was disgusted when I saw the sign promoting extreme violence towards cyclists.

"It was situated on Hagg Bridge that is currently being renovated.

"I first saw the picture on the sign two months ago and I saw it again on Sunday."

Andrew is a keen cyclist and said over recent months he has noticed a "significant upturn in hostility directed towards me" whilst out on the roads.

"I've been driven at, shouted at and sworn at for absolutely no reason," he added.

Simon Chadwick, managing director at Direct Traffic Management, told The Press: "As a keen cyclist myself completing 100 mile rides for charity or out mountain biking I also feel the pain whilst been abused by drivers and having abuse hurled at us.

"Direct Traffic Management have been operating for 28 years and have never seen anything like this before.

"Direct Traffic Management fully support cyclists and would not allow a sign with vandalism on it to leave our yard.

"What you can see is the back of the sign which would not normally be on display.

"We have audited site since the job was hired out and it has never been picked up.

"We were made aware of the sign at 12:00 o’clock Wednesday and we sent an operative straight away to remove the obscenity.

"We suspect the sign has been vandalised whilst out on site but still apologies for any offence caused."

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: "Our contractor working on the Hagg Bridge scheme removed the sign as soon as they were made aware if it, and they apologise for any offence caused."