THREE York city centre hotels have installed advanced technology in new contactless temperature checkers, in a move to take their Covid-19 safety procedures to the next level.

In addition to the increase in protocols already in place, including advanced cleaning regimes, screens and PPE, the management have gone one step further at The HRH Group, by installing contactless wrist temperature readers at the entrances of all of their properties.

The group own The Lamb and Lion Inn, Guy Fawkes Inn and Marmadukes Townhouse Hotel.

The new machine allows guests and customers to check their own body temperatures by scanning their wrists on entry in the property.

With the technology being contactless it allows guests to scan themselves as they enter, reducing touch points of staff administering a thermometer and the need to be close enough to receive an accurate reading.

Simon Cotton, Managing Director at the HRH Group said; “We take the health and safety of our guests extremely seriously and with the reports of cases on the rise across the UK, we have decided that now is the time to increase the Covid-19 secure measures we have in place.

“The wrist reader is more reliable than the forehead scanner and so this new machine allows us to accurately identify any unwell customers before they stay, dine or drink with us.”

“Whilst there is a very serious message behind the installation, we have found that our customers are already having fun using the scanning machine.”

The HRH Group have also installed the temperature checkers at all of their eight properties across North Yorkshire.