DONATIONS from a York resident, who became a local celebrity after finding an oversized chip during lockdown, have helped to secure new equipment for York Hospital.

Back in April, Oliver Dale, from Huntington, was "amazed," when he found a chip which measured at seven-inches long while making his tea.

This discovery quickly made him a local celebrity, as he is now referred to as the 'big chip guy' around the city.

Oliver decided to put his fame to good use and build up donations to give back to the staff at York Hospital, who have been working tirelessly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

In total, Oliver raised £1,209, including a £250 donation from his employer Aviva.

Oliver said: "The amount I’ve raised will be spent on a foldable bed and a fridge-freezer for the G1 Ward.

"Both bits of equipment are vitally important to ensuring both patients and staff will have the best possible experience whilst in the hospital.

"Thanks to everybody for supporting this initiative. Who would of thought a chip would raise so much money and help other people out."

Oliver's huge chip made national news and even featured on BBC's Have I Got News For You earlier in the year.