I NOTICE many objections to Boris’s proposed breaking of international law this week.

If no other country cares about international law why should we?

Some people simply don’t understand, even now, why the leavers voted the way they did.

The whole point of Brexit, just like Henry VIII and the break with Rome, was just one issue, to ensure that no laws apply in this country other than the ones which we make for ourselves.

So if Tony Blair wants to suggest international law is some sacred code that cannot be broken, when will he be turning himself in for war crimes?

All those worried we may not be able to criticise China for its repeated violations, when will you start boycotting the sweatshop goods from that regime or oil from Saudi Arabia?

All laws are merely made-up rules, nothing more. The only question is who gets to make them and the choice of York Outer, a choice many of you may well regret now, was clear; Julian Sturdy. This is the real meaning of that so often misused phrase, Parliamentary Sovereignty, in action.

Dr Scott Marmion,