TWO cycle-mad men from York have sparked a bromance in the bike shop over their names!

When Thom Jones introduced himself to Dylan Thomas, owner of Poetry In Motion Cycles in York, it was the start of a new friendship.

Thom, from South Bank, York, said: "On walking in for the first time years ago, exchanging email addresses and then realising both our names, a special bond was formed.

"Had we been Italian we’d have hugged and embraced, weeping.

"We’re both from Yorkshire, so we just chuckled, coughed in an embarrassed way then carried on.

"But we did become the founder members of the ‘League of Yorkshire Cyclists Named After Famous Welsh People’. And are still the only members!"

Thom has nominated Dylan as our Trader of the Week for his "genius, passion, and grit". And he was impressed with how Dylan helped fellow cyclists during lockdown - including himself.

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Thom said: "Dylan worked tirelessly throughout lockdown, often doing home visits to keep York cyclists on the road.

"On discovering I was using my bike to deliver food to those in need with the Supper Collective he refused to charge me for fixing my bike!"

Dylan said he was only too happy to do his bit to help other cyclists during lockdown. Often he would visit people's homes to collect their bikes for repair so that they could get on the road again.

York Press:

The workshop at Poetry In Motion Cycles

He said: "One lady struggled with her mobility and I fixed her electric bike so she could go shopping."

And he was delighted to repair Thom's bike for free during the weeks he was out delivering food for the Supper Collective which fed shielding people and NHS workers during lockdown.

Dylan said: "Thom would be out on his runs, delivering food, and ring me to say he had a problem with his bike and could he pop by. I would just fix it for him. He was doing this for charity and it was my way to doing something too."

The friends have had some interesting projects together too.

Dylan, who specialises in custom-building bikes, frames and wheels as well as restorations, created a massive Chopper bike for Thom.

York Press:

Thom with the large Chopper bike built by Dylan

He said: "Thom wanted a customised, large wheeled Chopper, so I custom built the frame with 36 inch wheels. It's 16 feet long and looks like a beast, but once it is rolling it is really comfortable to ride."

The mates reckon it is the largest Chopper bike in the UK if not the world.

Poetry In Motion Cycles first opened 12 years ago and Dylan says it has never been busier because more people have started cycling during the coronavirus pandemic. He has taken on new members of staff.

He said: "There has been an upturn in the past few months. I have taken on three new members of staff to cope with the demand. And all the signs are that it will continue. There has been a massive shift from people using public transport on to bicycles."

And he keeps customers happy and coming back for more by being the man who "never says no".

He said: "I don't say no. I believe everything can be fixed or restored. No bike should be condemned unless it is time for it to be condemned. People come to me from all over the country."

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