I am somewhat confused at the continuous reports in the media regarding the difficulties of getting a Covid-19 test.

On September 2 my wife had a telephone appointment with our GP and even though my wife did not have any Coronavirus symptoms she was advised to have a Covid-19 test before being prescribed medication.

I immediately went on the dedicated Coronavirus website where I was able to apply for a self-testing kit not only for my wife but also one for myself. These were duly delivered the following afternoon, September 3. Each kit contained the items required to do the test, all individually barcoded and a comprehensive instruction booklet, also the barcoded carton in which to return the completed test via Royal Mail.

The test was very easy to do and they were posted back as instructed on Friday September 4. We received the results, which fortunately were negative, by both text and e-mail on Tuesday September 8, which I believe is excellent service considering it was over a weekend.

Both my wife and I are in our seventies and if we can do the test and get the result within four days I do not understand what the problem is.

Gordon C Hill, Anne Street, York