With reference to the item on waiting lists at York (7,000 York patients face year-long wait for hospital treatment, September 15), I have been on the list since August of last year and was told I faced a 16 weeks wait at that point.

That became 26 weeks, once it became apparent that the 16 weeks had been missed. Therefore, I was hopeful for March 2020 - but then along came lockdown!

I rang the waiting list people a week or so ago for an update to be told kindly (I have to add) that it would likely now be at least another three or four months minimum wait. I am apparently category 3 now, 1 being most urgent and 4 being least. If that four months is met that will have been a 17-month wait for me.

Not a life threatening problem mine, but a life depreciating one none the less.

Name and address supplied, York