THIS was the scene at a York wood at the weekend.

Litter was found strewn across the ground at Acomb Wood.

A group of residents grabbed their litter pickers to clean up the wood on Sunday.

A spokesperson said: "We conducted a litter pick in Acomb Wood in the morning. We collected a full charity bag in the morning and came across the rubbish in these pictures. We didn’t have room for this so had to come back in the afternoon.

York Press:

"It shocked us how much of it there actually was when we started removing from the pile it was in.

"The afternoons total was two full bin bags and two full dog poo bags of rubbish. In the last five weeks we have collected a total of seven bin bags full of rubbish. Finding piles of empty alcohol bottles, cans and drug paraphernalia is a weekly occurrence."

They said this has been reported to the council.

York Press: