The simple answer to the problem of lack of access by the emergency services to The Groves area caused by the installation of concrete barriers is simply to remove them and replace them with a white line and a sign denoting no entry, backed up with traffic cameras and a warning of a hefty fine to anyone abusing the closure.

This should leave the road open to all emergency services and allow access for refuse/ recycling wagons and removal wagons. It would catch the motorcyclists who still use the roads and the money from the fines could go towards improving the amenities in the area.

Many years ago a plate-sized white mark along with the appropriate signs donated a mini roundabout. It worked. So why, with modern technology and the threat of a fine, couldn’t a simple white line and no entry sign do the job?

DM Deamer, Penleys Grove Street, Monkgate, York

The Groves must stay closed as through route

I have lived in Poppleton for 49 years and historically the quickest way of getting from Poppleton to businesses in Foss Islands Road and beyond has always been into York along the Wigginton Road, down Lowther Street and into Huntington Road, returning via Penley’s Grove Street.

It must surely be obvious to even the most devoted car user that endless streams of through traffic directly past peoples’ front doors is quite unacceptable on the grounds of noise, emissions and accident risk. I have always felt guilty about using such a convenient route and know that it must stop.

I am therefore very glad that the council has at last taken action to protect those who live in the Groves. As some will know, I am not a Green Party member, but I do ask people to stop being selfish by asking for Andy d’Agorne’s head on a platter. He and the council generally have done the right thing. The Groves must stay closed as a through route.

Quentin Macdonald, Church Lane, Nether Poppleton, York