With the ongoing furore over the ‘temporary’ closure of The Groves, I did wonder if our leaders at City of York Council, and in particular Councillor D’Agorne, had perhaps seen a piece in the Saturday Telegraph on September 12?

This article highlights a scheme in London where a traffic reduction scheme in the Borough of Wandsworth had to be scrapped amidst rising levels of pollution in surrounding streets - this after the local council prohibited cars in certain streets and introduced a cycle lane. Does this sound familiar to anyone in York I wonder who finds themselves sitting in long queues of traffic since the debacle of The Groves?

Until the council understands that they need a root and branch reassessment of traffic in this city we will continue to have these piecemeal crackpot schemes.

We all agree that a car-free environment is good for all of us, but this is not going by to happen anytime soon.

Malcolm Higgins, Bishopthorpe