To those who persist in referring to those like myself as ‘referendum deniers’, I assure you that argument has passed.

Almost all of those who voted Remain now accept that the UK is leaving the EU on December 31. It is now a question of whether we leave with our reputation and future prospects intact.

Boris Johnson’s proposed amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill puts everything in jeopardy. As five former PMs have said, the bill breaks international law and threatens to derail trade agreements with both the EU and the US. Even former Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, the man who was the most effective advocate of the Brexit agreement, now says: “When the Queen’s minister gives his word, on her behalf, it should be axiomatic that he will keep it, even if the consequences are unpalatable. By doing so he pledges the faith, honour and credit of this nation and it diminishes the standing and reputation of Britain in the world if it should be seen to be otherwise.”

How can Boris Johnson now berate China for reneging on the Hong Kong Accord 23 years later if he reneges on a treaty just eight months after signing it? Did he ever actually read it?

Cllr Tony Fisher, Liberal Democrat, West End, Strensall

Why should we obey law if Government doesn’t?

During this terrible Covid-19 pandemic people may have taken their eyes off another calamity that is heading our way.

I refer of course to Brexit. During the election campaign our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that he had an ‘oven ready package’ to present to the nation. He even put his signature to an agreement with the EU, that became, by virtue, a part of international law.

We now have a Government minister admitting to the House of Commons that the Government is introducing a new law that in the words of Brandon Lewis MP ‘breaks international law’. Either Boris Johnson knew that this would happen, thereby lying to the the whole electorate, or he didn’t realise what he was signing into international law and therefore should not be Prime Minister.

How can it be that a Government Minister says that the Government is preparing to introduce legislation to break international law but the same Government is wanting the public to obey the law on everything, including Covid-19 regulations?

H F Perry, St James Place, Dringhouses, York