Cancer care continued in York during pandemic My partner works at the Nuffield Hospital in Haxby Road York and was not happy to read the report from Dr Fair (GP attacks Govt’s Covid Crisis ‘panic’, September 11).

As a GP in York Dr Fair must have been aware of how the CCG has been successfully looking after the York patients who needed urgent treatment and cancer surgery.

During the months of April to August inclusive the Magnolia Centre from York Hospital moved into the Nuffield Hospital to continue patient treatment and chemotherapy. During this period over 24,000 NHS patients received surgery for cancer or chemotherapy. Other treatments such as blood transfusions have also taken place at the Nuffield hospital. York patients have received the best care available in an unprecedented time.

I thought that all GPs managed their own budgets now, so is it not for them to source PPE for their staff the same as all other businesses have to do to protect their employees?

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