Adopt a pet

Bandit is a two-and-a-half year old male Lurcher. He’s a big boy with lots of energy, which has meant he’s struggled to find his forever home since coming to the York Animal Home 18 months ago. Despite his long stay in kennels he is a very friendly boy who will make a great pet.

Bandit has bundles of energy and just loves his exercise so we are looking for an active family who will give him the exercise he needs. He loves games and treats, but can get a bit boisterous so would need to be the only pet in the family.

Bandit is an intelligent dog and really does love learning new things and taking on fresh challenges. One of Bandit's favourite things to do is play ball in the compound with our volunteers. Since being at the home he has attended several training classes with volunteers. Bandit has been working under our behaviorist, who adopters will need to meet with to ensure his training is continued. Ideally Bandit will need an adopter who is experienced with large breed dogs and who will enjoy teaching him new things and keeping him both mentally and physically stimulated.

Bandit lives life to the max and every day is a happy day for him. Please give this lad a chance and give him the fabulous home he deserves. If you’d be interested in adopting Bandit or for more information please visit the RSPCA's York website here

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