DURING this terrible Covid 19 pandemic people might have taken their eyes off another calamity that is heading our way.

I refer of course to Brexit. During the election campaign last year, our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said in a smug television appearance that he had an "oven-ready package" waiting to be signed. He even put his signature to an agreement with the EU, that by virtue became part of International Law.

We now have a Government minister admitting in the House of Commons that the Government is introducing a new law that will, in the words of Brandon Lewis MP "break International law".

Either Boris Johnson PM knew that this was going to happen, thereby lying to the electorate or he didn't realise what be was signing into International Law and therefore should not be our Prime Minister.

How can it be that the Government minister states that the Government is preparing to break the law but the same Government wants us to obey the law when it comes to Covid 19 regulations?

H F Perry,

St James Place,