ALL through this coronavirus pandemic I have thought that I must try to avoid going to hospital, for obvious reasons. Well, recently, I had no choice and had to be taken in by ambulance. I had a heart attack! I had been misguided thinking it was indigestion.

A former ward sister friend advised immediate action with a 999 call. Within minutes a first responder arrived followed by an ambulance and two paramedics.

I am writing this to reassure readers. Arriving at York Hospital all the doors opened and I was part of a well-oiled highly professional operation. A blood test, a Covid test, an MRSA test, an X- Ray, blood pressure and more ECGs - all done seamlessly and without fuss. Medical staff were everywhere and they all showed great kindness when I was feeling somewhat vulnerable.

I was immediately impressed at how immaculate and clean the hospital looked. I never saw one area that looked tired.

I have nothing but praise for A&E, Ward 22, Coronary Care, Dr Durham and Dr Pye and his skills supported by a lovely team who repaired a 95 per cent blocked coronary artery.

If you have to be in hospital, York is an excellent place.

Keith Massey

Bishopthorpe, York