WE'RE delighted to show off some more of York's newest arrivals.

Some of these babies were born during lockdown - others have been born afterwards.

But all are bringing joy to their parents and wider family and friends at this difficult time.

Thanks to all the many readers who have shared their new baby photos with us.

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Meanwhile, here is this week's round up of York's new arrivals...

Gracie Amelia Mason

York Press:

Gracie Amelia Mason was born on March 18 at York Hospital weighing 5lb 9oz to Jasmine Clarke and Charlie Mason of Acomb.

Jasmine said: "Gracie was born just days before we entered lockdown. Five weeks early, she spent a week in SCBU. We can’t thank the midwives and SCBU staff for all their hard work. She is now a happy thriving six month old!"

Jacob Frederick Stanley Goddard

York Press:

Jacob Frederick Stanley Goddard was born on July 20 at York Hospital weighing 10lbs 13oz, to Sara and Chris Goddard, of Acomb.

Sarah said: "Jacob was born at 11.22am on 20th July by caesarean. It was a real positive experience, the staff were amazing and very supportive. We had an extended stay due to feeding issues and Jacob had jaundice. The midwives and healthcare assistants were very supportive and helped with feeding. After a five-day stay, Jacob’s big sister, Lucy, was thrilled with her baby brother."

Elsie May Dawson

York Press:

Elsie May Dawson was born on May 4 at York Hospital weighing 6lbs 5oz to Becky and Jonny of Haxby, York.

Becky said: "Elsie arrived six days early due to reduced movements. Even though it was the peak of the pandemic, the midwives were amazing. We cannot thank them enough."

Amber Sofia Black Knott

York Press:

Amber Sofia Black Knott was born on August 17 at York Hospital weighing 7lb 1oz to

Louise Black and Tim Knott of York.

Louise said: "Born by planned c-section three weeks early due to placenta previa, I was anxious. But support from my partner and staff during the operation made it a positive experience. We are so grateful to have this beautiful girl in our lives to join her beautiful nine-year-old sister, Megan, and her fantastic 21-year-old brother, Jordan."

Daisy Rose Richardson

York Press:

Daisy Rose Richardson was born on March 31 at York Hospital weighing 6lbs 9oz to Heather and Tim Richardson of Haxby, York.

Heather said: "Daisy surprised us and arrived a few days earlier than planned - one week after lockdown so it was naturally a tense time.

"All went well and we were home in no time when Daisy met her two older sisters. We have loved the extra time we had together as a family in the weeks following Daisy’s birth to nest and really bond as a family. She has been our ray of sunshine and kept us all smiling."

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