A NUTRITIONIST who works with a Championship football club and Premier League players has launched his own consultancy in York.

Charlie Binns is now offering his services to individuals, businesses, sports teams and sports professionals through CMB Performance and Nutrition.

He will offer online and face-to-face expertise for clients, working from the Yorkshire Sports Medicine and Injury Clinic in York.

Charlie continues to be the nutritionist for Birmingham City Football Club men’s and women’s first teams, and has advised top league players such as Jude Bellingham, Sam Byram, Jake Clarke-Salter and ex-professionals Richard Cresswell and Jonathan Greening. He also works with golfers, rugby players, cyclists and athletes.

York Press:

CMB will be working with individuals to create a nutritional plan to meet their goals. It will also work with sports teams and professional sportspeople to produce bespoke meal plans to get match or performance ready.

An experienced public speaker, Charlie will also give talks and workshops and work with businesses to help them improve corporate performance through nutrition.

CMB has developed a subscription recipe service to help people try healthy new recipes, with easily-sourced ingredients and every meal broken down to macronutrients. Commercial eating guides are also available to aid healthy choices while eating out.

Charlie said: “I have always had a strong interest in how nutrition can affect performance and wellbeing and I love to help people realise their fitness goals through nutritional coaching.

"Fitness and health have been at the forefront of our minds in the last few months and people are keen to take ownership of their wellbeing.

"I really wanted to offer a service which was available to everyone, from the general public, keen to improve their diet, to elite athletes, sports teams and businesses.

"We’ve found many companies are keen to help their workforce with the tools they need to improve their wellbeing, whether they’re now working remotely or are back in changed workplaces.

"We’re all very aware of the importance of our health right now more than ever, and our diet plays a huge part in that.”

Sam Byram, ex-Leeds United player and current right back for Championship team Norwich City, said: “Charlie has really helped me with my nutrition when it comes to what I should be eating before and after both training and games to match my energy output and also best aid my recovery in between.

"He also gave me lots of information on what to eat during my time off with a serious knee injury. I really believe this helped aid my recovery and the healing of my knee as well as keeping me in the best shape possible whilst I was unable to train.”