Following the Lendal Bridge failed closure a few years ago we recently had the Green Party’s coalition executive member for transport Cllr Andy D Agorne closing Bishopthorpe Road - only for it to be quickly reopened.

So why oh why is he still persisting with another closure, in The Groves?

This is an area that has always had a severe traffic problem area around York Hospital.

That problem will get far worse now.

Coming so soon after the Bishopthorpe Road farce you would think that sense would prevail here after two failed attempts to deal with York’s traffic and clean air problems.

Even Grant Shapps now recognises that one way systems and barriers with road closures offers no benefit to anyone.

Lendal Bridge resulted in defeat at the polls for the Labour Party in York, with people frankly having had enough.

So come election time, unless Cllr D’Agorne wishes to pay the same price, he really ought to think again.

Peter Boulton, Orchard Gardens, Huntington, York


Anti-car policies are ill thought-out

I am beginning to question the City of York Council’s competence and ability to manage our city.

We, the residents of York, pay the councillors’ expenses.

Yet it seems to me that the council members do not consider the needs and interests of local people.

Do we need more hotels, more student accommodation and more traffic restrictions?

I don’t think so.

As for Cllr D’Agorne with his crazy, ill thought-through anti-car policies, I am left speechless.

If he is determined to kill off the city centre, then he is doing an extremely good job!

I think most of the residents of York are totally sick of his ideas and plans.

Richard Rowland, Naburn Lane, Fulford, York


My valuable collector’s edition of The Press

I have a copy of ‘The Press’ with no photograph or even mention of Councillor D’Agorne.

I intend to keep it, as I am sure that in the future it will be a valuable collector’s item.

Derek Boorman, Dunnington Hall, York