THE closure of Penleys Grove Street to all motorists (other than for access) and the ramifications to vehicles and drivers highlights many shortcomings of many motorists.

The scenes of drivers trying to manoeuvre are worthy of a Benny Hill or Harry Hill sketch and highlights the inability of a large number of people to reverse competently.

The road closures have been well reported in The Press and by other media and the closure is shown on electronic notice boards and there are two large signs stating the road closures.

I wonder if these 'observant drivers' observe pedestrians and people on bikes?

D M Deamer,

Penleys Grove Street,

Monkgate, York

...THE ugly concrete blocks now dividing up areas of The Groves hardly promote social or visual harmony and residents face extended journeys to their homes, simply causing more air pollution elsewhere. Many older or vulnerable residents cannot cycle or walk and have to depend on taxis.

Why not use enforcement cameras to allow access to residents, taxis and the emergency services avoiding the need for ugly physical barriers and bigger traffic jams elsewhere?

Tina Anderson

Garden Street,

The Groves, York

...THE hypocrisy of council transport leader Andy D’Agorne knows no bounds.

He says that the closure of roads in the Groves area will strengthen community spirit, yet his car-hating policies are deliberately alienating motorists. What a disgrace.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,