A SUPERMARKET giant has teamed up with an East Yorkshire college to create a training programme for chickens.

Morrisons and Bishop Burton College, near Beverley are working together on the ‘British Egg Academy’ with a “training” plan to produce the fittest hens and the best eggs.

Students will learn everything there is to know about producing elite hens and the best eggs; including the right amounts of feed and water needed, the amount of necessary light exposure and even how to create calming environments to give them time to relax and put their claws up.

The hens will be given all the exercises that they need to produce the best eggs. They will be given access to trees - that they use to play hide and seek in, footballs and other toys - that they are encouraged to play with, and perches at various levels within in their houses.

Sophie Throup, head of agriculture at Morrisons said: “We want to produce some of the healthiest, fittest and happiest hens in the UK. We are always looking at ways to continually improve our egg quality and this academy will help achieve that goal, whilst giving our students insights into how to crack the industry for generations to come.”

Bill Meredith, Principal at Bishop Burton, said: “The college is delighted to be working with Morrisons and poultry farmers to provide opportunities for those seeking rewarding careers in the egg industry. Our commitment is to provide the skills needed to maintain the highest possible welfare standards – happy hens are us. ”

The academy will be based at Bishop Burton College and the course will start in January 2021. There is a virtual open day on Thursday 27th August. Applications to the course will close in December 2020.

For more information, visit: https://www.morrisons-farming.com/backing-british/british-egg-academy/