LOUISE Wardle was not going to let a global pandemic stop her mum from attending the birth of her third child, Benjamin.

With self-isolating and social distancing restrictions in place she made sure Mum didn't miss a thing - by relaying the birth on Facetime.

Louise, of Rawcliffe, York, said: "With two children at home it was an anxious time leading up to the birth as we were uncertain if my husband would be able to attend the birth as my parents were shielding and other family members were isolating due to Covid symptoms.

York Press:

Benjamin Wardle

"Thankfully Benjamin decided to show up 11 days late so my sister in law, who was one day out of isolation, and my good friend Becky could help us out.

"My husband was therefore able to attend the birth, as was my mother via Facetime; she had been a birthing partner for my previous two labours."

Little Benjamin Wardle was born on April 4 at York Hospital weighing 7lbs 15oz to proud parents Louise and husband Nick.

Chester James Eccles

York Press:

Chester James Eccles was born on June 8 in York weighing 3lbs 2oz to Kim Nightingale and Matthew Eccles. Kim said: "His due date was supposed to be August 25, he decided to come 12 weeks early. "With Chester only weighing 3lbs 2oz, he spent some time in teh Special Care Baby Unit but with help from the fantastic staff on the unit he was able to come home in July.

"Due to Covid, Chester was only allowed limited visiting time from mummy and daddy each day and all other visits from family and friends had to wait until he was home and restrictions had been lifted."

Dexter Kaleb Innes

York Press:

Dexter Kaleb Innes was born on July 27 at York Hospital weighing 7lb 2oz to Shannon Innes and Peter Wrigglesworth of York. Shannon said: "I was a week and four days late and was induced Saturday July 25. My labour was assisted so they used forceps and I had stitches. They thought he had an infection so I was in hospital for another three days so he could have his antibiotics. So after five long confusing days I finally brought Dexter home on Wednesday July 29."

Ember Ethel-May Harris

York Press:

Ember Ethel-May Harris was born on March 24 at York Hospital weighing 5lb to Jamie-Lee Strange and Darren Anthony Harris of Foxwood, York. Jamie-Lee said: "Ember was born 16 days early due to not growing as she should. She was a tiny 5lb and the most amazing thing to come of 2020. Born the day after lockdown."

Ronnie Thomas Roy Church

York Press:

Ronnie Thomas Roy Church was born on July 7 at York Hospital weighing 4lb 2oz to Lauren Martin and Nathan Church, of Acomb, York

They said: "Ronnie was born six weeks premature at York Hospital by emergency c-section due to reduced movement and described as a miracle baby as it could have gone either way.

"He was born with breathing problems, liver and kidney problems but has since made a full recovery after spending a week in Hull SCBU and a further two weeks at York SCBU. His middle names come from two much loved grandparents from each side of the family and has a loving big sister, Ella. Ronnie is now doing really well."

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