REGARDING the public sector and its love of wordy titles (The Press, August 21), The Restoration and Renewal Sponsor Body and Delivery Authority, obviously needing hundreds of new civil servants to run such an augustly-named operation, has said that the House of Lords now won’t be re-locating to York.

Could it be that they saw York Council’s record of how long the fiasco of finding a site and building a new Community Stadium took, how long the Mansion House redevelopment is taking, and the time already spent on York Central before a spade has been dug, and have decided that most of the 800+ doddery Lords’ members would be in retirement homes before a suitable new chamber would be built?

Councillors Aspden and d’Agorne say they are hopeful of a government hub coming to York. I suggest they get these vague proposals guaranteed in writing before making alterations to plans already nearly in motion.

Geoff Robb

Hunters Close,