HOUSEHOLDS in North Yorkshire can now get grant funding to help gull-proof their homes.

It's part of a new approach to help tackle the perennial problem of gull mess in Scarborough borough.

To help prevent gulls nesting in the first place, Scarborough Borough Council has opened a grant funding scheme, to assist private building owners and tenants with the cost of purchasing and installing gull proofing material.

As the gull breeding season comes to an end and autumn is on the horizon, the council says it is the perfect time to start planning the installation of gull proofing measures ahead of 2021. 

The council will contribute 50%, up to a maximum of £2,000, towards the costs of gull proofing any private buildings in defined areas of Filey, Scarborough and Whitby. The work must be carried out by the council’s approved contractor, NBC Environment. This is to ensure the work is consistent and of the required high standard to ensure gulls do not become trapped in the proofing material.

Maps of the eligible areas and an application form for match funding are available to download at or call 01723 232322.