THERE are many strongly held and legitimate views for and against the current scheme for York Central.

There is however one statement which is misleading above all others.

In its press statement last week to announce the £77million government infrastructure grant, the interim head of Homes England again welcomed the provision of 2,500 “much needed” homes in the scheme.

This statement is simply not true. Does York need 2,500 new homes? Absolutely. Is York Central going to deliver them? Absolutely not.

In evidence to the Planning Committee in 2019 the corporate director of City of York Council stated that the homes proposed for York Central would not meet the City’s priority needs.

This is because of the high price, type and location of the homes.

It is therefore the view of the City’s own housing experts and indeed may others that this is the reality of the situation.

It is essential that senior figures from the council and the York Central Partnership stop repeating the false claim that these homes are much needed.

The claim has no basis in fact and deliberately misleads the public about the future housing benefits of the scheme.

Richard Clark OBE,

Neapolitan House

Joseph Terry Grove,