SUNFLOWERS planted by a family in York in memory of their pet have reached a huge height.

The Davies family planted the flowers from seed in memory of their dog, who sadly passed away during the nationwide lockdown period caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

When the pet died, one of their family friends sent them a “beautiful,” plant as a gift of sympathy, which came with a full packet of complimentary sunflower seeds.

And the family decided to make the most of the opportunity and plant them in their back garden, to help them to remember their dog.

It’s not known precisely how tall the giant plant has reached, but Caroline Davies, said: “Having never grown them before we weren’t holding out much hope.”

However, the sunflowers have since grown to huge heights.

The family were shocked but very pleased with the flowers growth since they planted them earlier in the year.

Caroline went on to say: “We can’t believe how tall and beautiful they are.”