GIVEN the current climate I have no objection to wearing a face mask when visiting shops, I am more than happy to oblige and observe the social distancing in force just now, but I am increasingly finding that as I am a deaf person, the people I am talking to in the shops do not seem inclined to drop their masks when talking to me.

I do explain that I am deaf and I need to see their full face so as I can hear what they are saying, there are some very kind people who are happy to oblige and there are some who point blank refuse to drop their masks, usually only for a few seconds, which makes life very hard for all deaf people, making us feel very uncomfortable and helpless as we cannot hear what is being said from behind a mask.

Deaf people are human beings the same as everybody else, and its a great pity that we get treated so unkindly.

Perhaps the Monks Cross supermarkets would like to make their staff aware that it is quite permissible to pull their mask down for a short while when talking to a deaf person.

To those who are kind enough to - thank you very much

To those who refuse to - let's hope you never lose your hearing.

From a frustrated deaf lady.

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