YOU'VE seen Jurassic Park - well now it's time to look at Jurassic Garden!

Dinosaur fan Clive Redhead has turned his modest Yorkshire garden into a land that time forgot.

York Press: Clive Redhead in his Jurassic gardenClive Redhead in his Jurassic garden

Giant T-Rex and baby Stegosaurus sit among the flower pots and ferns in his seaside garden.

Clive created this homage to the Jurassic era when he moved to Bridlington from Barmby Moor, near Pocklington, five years ago.

York Press:

Giant replica dinosaurs in Clive's Yorkshire garden

He started collection ornamental dinosaurs while living at Barmby Moor and has continued with the hobby at his new home.

How do his pre-historic playmates enjoy the sea air?

"Fine," says Clive. "They haven't eaten anyone yet!"

York Press:

A Spinosaurus in Clive's garden

The creatures, which cost thousands of pounds, are made from resin and fibreglass and are all-weather so are happy being outside, he adds.

The garden - a modest 30ft by 20ft - is a place where two worlds meet. His wife has one side for gardening while Clive has the remainder for his dinosaurs.

"I'm no gardener. I don't like it. I leave it to my wife. She has her side where she grows flowers and ferns. I hate gardening and love dinosaurs, so am happy with that."

Although she wasn't too happy with his last purchase.

York Press:

Clive's Jurassic garden in Bridlington

"My wife kicked off when the last one arrived in April. It was huge - a baby Stegosaurus that was 11feet long and five feet high! When it turned up, she went ballistic. I had to rearrange the garden and all the dinosaurs - and it just fitted inside."

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