I NOTE that yet again our council, led on this occasion by the Cllr D’Agorne has decided to rename Piccadilly Car Park – why?

What on earth difference could this make to them. They say “to provide a better and unique identity to this key council asset” – what?

This car park has stood for decades and is and always will be known to residents as Piccadilly.

This council trying to change our city once again – what is this going to cost?

You have the signs around the city to be redone, visitor maps to be reprinted with the new name on and all the other associated costs and this to come out of the ‘public purse’ i.e. our money and for what?

Surely, surely there are many more important and necessary things to spend our money on.

Surely the council has wasted enough money on their vanity projects already. I cannot see how this can enhance the city in any way or make it more attractive to visit. This is not a question of wanting to live in the past as I am accused of regularly by my super trolls but is genuine bafflement at a horrendous waste of our money.

The old saying if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it springs to mind!

Judith Morris,

Moorland Road,