POLICE have rescued someone from York's River Ouse.

York Rescue Boat tweeted that its team was called out at 6.24am today by North Yorkshire Police to a person in the River Ouse in York.

It said the team was stood down en route as police on the scene had got them out.

Michael Neal, who witnessed the incident said:  “woke up 6 am, looked out the window and couldn't believe my eyes as a guy was just casually swimming by. 

"He didn't look like he was stressed or struggling at all. But the dangers of even a casual swim alone with no one with him, or anyone around, resulted in my calling the fire bridge." 

A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said:“Police were called at around 6.15am on 13 August to reports of a man swimming in the River Ouse in the area of Woodsmill Quay.

“He got out of the river of his own accord and spoke to officers.

“Although a strong swimmer, he was given advice about the dangers of swimming in the river, the concern it raises among members of the public and the impact on the emergency services.  

“York Rescue Boat and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were also called, but then stood down.”