The Government has reduced its official death toll from coronavirus by 5,377 to 41,329.

It has changed the way the number is calculated. 

In Scotland, Wales and North Ireland, deaths are only counted if they occur within 28 days of the deceased being tested positive for coronavirus. 

In England there has been no time limit.   

As of now, English deaths will only be counted if they occur within 28 days of a positive test. 

Earlier, the Department of Health and Social Care said 77 more people have died of Covid-19 since yesterday.

That announcement followed an NHS England announcement two hours earlier, only six more people have died in English hospitals since yesterday. None died at York or Scarborough Hospitals.

The number of positive tests remains above 1,000 per day in the UK at 1,009.

The Office of National Statistics, after studying death certificates registered up to August 8, has said 51,779 include coronavirus among the causes of deaths.