I WONDER if it is the need to fill our screens 24/7 that has led TV programmers to overload us with the topic of the week/month/year. Of course we expect and need to be kept informed, but some balance would be welcome.

We endured four years of Brexit, followed by a short interval of Harvey Weinstein and the “Me Too” campaign. Since March it has been Covid-19 and its effects, daily up-dates, opinions, charts, graphs, and prophecies from experts. The government is accused of acting too slowly, or too quickly. It has been non-stop.

There was a comment in The Press on July 28 from Caroline Watts of the NSPCC that many children feel there is an endless cycle of worrying news. I am sure that adults too are suffering from the hours of anxiety inducing reports and comments screened.

After talking with friends and neighbours, I am reassured that I am not the only one who is tired of seeing cartoon images of the dratted virus floating across TV screens, and we really don’t need constant reminders to “keep safe”. We have been keeping safe for months.

Pamela Brown

Goodwood Grove,