PLANS for Piccadilly car park to be renamed and for residents' parking permits to become virtual have been given the go-ahead.

But there will be a review before a new parking permit for Airbnb and holiday let guests is created.

Cllr Andy D'Agorne agreed plans for the Respark system to go virtual - meaning people can apply online and will no longer have to display paper permits.

People without access to the internet will still be able to apply in person or over the phone - but the new system is due to roll out in December.

He also gave the green light to plans for Piccadilly car park to be renamed Coppergate Centre car park.

But he said residents must be asked for their thoughts before plans to create a new parking permit for holiday lets goes ahead.

He said: “I’ve had a couple of emails already about this – I do think there needs to be further consultation before any decision to include the paying guest category [as a new parking permit].

“The people who operate these will have a view but also the people who live in the areas immediately around them. The issue is about the impact on that street – whether it’s Respark or uncontrolled. We need to take both views into account."