As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many RSPCA branches across the UK are temporarily closed to the public- including the York, Harrogate and District branch.

However, it’s still possible to adopt a dog from the York branch- and so many need your love and care.

They have an adoption fee of £150 which covers a lot of veterinary expenses.

However, before starting the adoption process you need to ensure you are prepared for this lifetime comittment and capable of caring for an animal.

A spokesperson for the RSPCA told The York Press: We believe the perfect match is out there for every rescue animal so they can enjoy another chance of happiness.

”We would always encourage people to rehome animals from rescue centres instead of buying them - there are always lots of animals of different species looking for homes.”

Here are five dogs from RSPCA’s York branch that need to be rehomed.

11 (approx)
Breed: American Akita
York Press: Would you rehome Saskia? (Photo: RSPCA)Would you rehome Saskia? (Photo: RSPCA)
An inspector delivered Saskia to the centre after discovering her basic needs weren’t being met.

She is described as a “sweet” and “gentle” dog who could live with other children- but not other animals.

Her owner needs to have experience with larger breeds.

Want to learn more about Saskia? Visit her profile on the RSPCA website.

18 months
Breed: Lurcher

York Press: Bandit has a lot of love to give (Photo: RSPCA)Bandit has a lot of love to give (Photo: RSPCA)

If you are looking to rehome a younger dog with bundles of energy, then Bandit could be the perfect pooch for you.

He still needs some training- but he is an intelligent dog who loves to learn.

As a large and energetic dog, he will need to go to an active family who will take him on long walks.

Learn more about Bandit on the RSPCA website.

Breed: Staffy

York Press: Could you welcome this Staffy into your home (Photo: RSPCA)Could you welcome this Staffy into your home (Photo: RSPCA)

Jessie’s previous owner couldn’t take care of her- but she is described as a sweet dog with a lot of love to give.

She is housetrained and great on a lead- but she is struggling with kennel life and doesn’t get on well with other dogs.

Due to negative experiences in the past, she will need to be the only dog in her new home and she can live with children aged 13 years and over.

Learn more about Jessie by viewing her RSPCA profile.

Breed: Terrier x

York Press: Ted was mistreated at his last home (Photo: RSPCA)Ted was mistreated at his last home (Photo: RSPCA)

Ted was badly mistreated at his previous home- staff at the York branch have spent a long time bonding with him and gaining his trust.

When he trusts you, he is described as a cheeky, playful and loving pooch.

However, Ted still have mental and physical scars from his past abuse and new adopters will need to have patience with him- he needs to be muzzled for any vet or grooming trips.

Ted might be able to live with another dog but not cats or children.

Do you think you could give Ted the love he deserves? View his RSPCA profile.

Breed: Akita

York Press: After a legal battle, Rio is now able to be rehomed (Photo: RSPCA)After a legal battle, Rio is now able to be rehomed (Photo: RSPCA)

When Rio first came to the centre, he was in an “appalling condition”.

For legal reasons, Rio had to wait a long time before looking for a new home.

He is described as a “gentle giant” who deserves a loving home.

However, Rio has severe arthritis in his hips and back- he is on medication as a result. He can only manage short walks, but enjoys every minute of them.

He would prefer to be the only animal in the house.

To learn more, visit Rio’s profile on the RSPCA website.