844 burglaries were reported in York between June 2019 and June 2020- but which streets do burglars target most often?

Using information from the police database, we have discovered which streets are targeted most often by thieves- and how many of them get caught.

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The streets with the highest reported burglaries

Dale Street and Hazel Court are the street with the most amount of reported burglaries- each received 8 burglary reports between June 2019 and June 2020.

Moor Lane and York Road also ranked high on the list, with 6 reports on each street.

Station Road, Harrier Court and Lavender Grove each received five burglary reports.

Burglary trends

As you can see from the graph, burglary rates in York change a lot over the year.

Rates were at their peak in October 2019, with 83 reports that month.

Burglary reports were low at the start of coronavirus lockdown in April (42 reports). However, it didn’t stay this way, as there was a small spike in May when 53 burglaries were reported.

How many thieves have been caught?

Unfortunately, in almost half (49.6%) of these burglary cases in York no suspect is identified.

28 cases are awaiting a court outcome and a further 105 are currently under investigation.

In 53 out of 844 burglary reports, police have been unable to prosecute the suspect.