Two people who combine the expertise of three emergency services have completed their first responder training.

Lucy Osborn and Craig Lyons are North Yorkshire's first public safety officers under a new service for the county and York currently being piloted in the north-west of the county.

The two public safety officers, both on-call firefighters, live in the community they serve.

They will be despatched at the same time as ambulances to medical emergencies, but will not replace paramedics.

Because of their location, they are likely to arrive at the emergency first and give immediate first-aid, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They will carry an automated external defibrillator and oxygen, as well as basic first aid equipment.

James Webb, Group Station Manager (North Yorkshire) at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “It’s great to have the public safety officers on board with their first responder training completed and, along with our many community first responders, they will make an extremely valuable contribution to local communities.

"We know that in many medical emergencies, such as a heart attack, breathing difficulties or a collapse, the first few minutes are critical so if effective treatment can be given within those first minutes, lives can be saved.”

As well as being first responders for medical emergencies and on-call firefighters, the two are part of the local policing teams, particularly working on crime prevention, fire safety and health and wellbeing information, and supporting community problem solving.

Julia Mulligan, North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, said about the two completing their first responder training: “This is a great addition to the skills of the public safety officers. When medical emergencies happen in these rural communities getting that emergency help quickly is vital. This will further help the local communities be safe and feel safe."