TWO cars burst into fire in half an hour on North Yorkshire roads yesterday evening as temperatures soared

A passenger in the first car was taken to hospital with a suspected broken ankle.

They were in a car that burst into flames at Cloughton near Scarborough at 7.55pm.

The occupants managed to put the fire out before Scarborough firefighters arrived to make the vehicle safe.

Twenty minutes later another car caught fire at Thornton-le-Dale.

A passing motorist, seeing the smoke coming from it, stopped to help.

He had a dry powder extinguisher and put the blaze out.

Pickering fire fighters attended and monitored the residual heat in the car until it was cool.

Yesterday evening, temperatures in York and elsewhere in North Yorkshire including Ryedale stayed above 20 degrees until midnight and later.

During the afternoon the temperature had reached 30 degrees in York.